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Specialized Driving Privileges

If you have had your license suspended you understand the hardships and frustrations that this can cause. In this day and age, almost everyone relies on an automobile and having the ability to drive to maintain employment and to meet their everyday needs. Over the past few years the State of Indiana has passed legislation to make Specialized Driving Privileges available to more individuals who are facing current license suspensions. These Specialized Driving Privileges make it possible for an individual to legally get back behind the wheel of a car.

Indiana eliminated the hardship license statute and replaced it with “Specialized Driving Privileges“. Specialized driving privileges are available to a broader set of people with a suspended license. According to Indiana law, there are only a few circumstances that will keep someone from being eligible to petition for specialized driving privileges. If you believe that you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges, then contact Steve E. Haddad Attorney at Law.

An Indiana driver’s license may be suspended for a number of reasons, such as failure to provide proof of insurance or due to a pending criminal case. If your license has been suspended in the State of Indiana, you may be required to provide the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with:

  • Certificate of Compliance – to verify financial responsibility for an accident or citation
  • Affidavit – Proof of Financial Responsibility for Employer or Rental Vehicle
  • SR-22 Proof of Financial Responsibility
  • Reinstatement Fee Submission Form

Indiana drivers whose licenses were suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or a court have the ability to request that their driving privileges be reinstated. This would be called specialized driving privileges.

The Specialized Driving Privileges are codified in Indiana Code § 9-30-16 et. al. This statute provides a list of those who are ineligible to receive specialized driving privileges. Below is a short list of individuals who are commonly found as ineligible. The most common disqualifiers include:

  • A person who has never been an Indiana resident
  • A person who has a suspension based on the person’s refusal to submit to a chemical test offered under Ind. Code § 9-30-6 and 9-30-7
  • A person who holds a CDL “Commercial Driver’s License”

You Have Been “Awarded” -- Next Steps

If you are awarded by the court, you need to be aware that often you may be permitted travel to and from work and only during the course of employment. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your awarded privileges, the judge may allow travel to medical appointments, parenting time exchange locations and mental health or other forms of counseling. Know that the judge has discretion, and the court may allow travel to other locations.

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