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Whether you are the buyer or the seller in either a residential or commercial transaction,  Steve E. Haddad, Attorney At Law can help you assure the property gets transferred properly and timely without encumbrances and problems. Your home or business properties may be the largest investment you have.  He has been helping his clients with their residential & commercial real estate needs since 2000.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Protect your financial and legal interests by hiring Steve E. Haddad, Attorney At Law to negotiate, review and prepare for your real estate transaction.  He provides legal advice before you submit a bid or sell your property, to representing you at your closing.

--Negotiating and preparing real estate purchase agreements
--Reviewing mortgage loan documents
--Investigating title history
--Investigating land use, zoning and permitting requirements
--Preparing warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds and conveyance documents
--Preparing other closing documents, including closing affidavits and sales disclosure forms

Real Estate Litigation -- IL & IN.

If problems occur either before or after the sale, Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law is there to assist with his clients in resolving the problems in disputes and litigation matters.  He will work hard  to manage your damages if you are faced with any of the following issues:

--Breach of contract matters
--Title actions and other title disputes
--Boundary and easement disputes
--Adverse possession matters
--Construction repairs,defects & disputes
--Warranty Questions

Other Real Estate Matters:

Plans need to be incorporated into the correct zoning regulations of the various governmental bodies. Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law can help you acquire the correct zoning classification for your purposes. Zoning classifications will affect the use, building size and signage and etc.

Special Exceptions
There are certain uses that a Board of Zoning Appeals can approve upon application for a special exception in the zoning district.

Protect your real estate investment against renters who don’t pay or damage your property.

Proposed land use may not be permitted in a certain zoning district. However, upon application and approval by a Board of Zoning Appeals the use may be permitted for that particular piece of property.

Contingent Uses
There are certain uses that a Board of Zoning Appeals can approve upon application for a contingent use in the zoning district.

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