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The relationship between a landlord and a tenant is a tricky relationship that can often turn into a hotly contested matter quickly. What both parties must keep in mind is that both parties have rights & obligations, which they must adhere to under Indiana law. Certain contractual provisions found in a lease agreement might further define the roles of the parties. Often, these contested issues are brought before a small claims court for resolution due to the amount of the award being sought.

When it comes to renting your property or deciding to move into a property rental, it is easy to casually define the responsibilities of a landlord & tenant. However, when the terms are not clearly defined, disputes can quickly occur. Steve E. Hadddad, Attorney at Law, works upfront to create leases clearly defining the scope of the business relationship in an effort to avoid disputes over:

  • Default rental payments
  • Eviction noticesHousing,
  • health or safety code violations
  • Poorly maintained rental space
  • Failure to respond to maintenance calls

Landlords & tenants can have a lot at stake when dealing with a real estate dispute. Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law, is highly effective at resolving landlord-tenant disputes based on his comprehensive background handling both sides of a dispute. He understands what a landlord and tenant stand to lose from a dispute.

If a landlord wishes to evict a tenant, retrieve back rent, and seek an award from a tenant for damages to the rental property, there are very specific legal procedures, which a landlord must comply with in order for their matter to even be considered by a judge. Indiana law clearly addresses what is to be done with a security deposit, when it must be returned, when a tenant’s property can be considered abandoned and what can be done with that property if it is deemed to be so. The law also requires a landlord to make certain necessary repairs, but creates no obligation for a landlord to undertake most repairs unless a landlord agreed to make these repairs.

A tenant is required to pay rent in a timely manner and maintain the property as required by Indiana statute. A tenant must receive reasonable notice from a landlord before a landlord or authorized agent may enter the rental unit unless entry upon the premises is necessary due to a legitimate emergency. Should a tenant wish to move from the residence or a landlord wish to evict a tenant from the premises, unless otherwise provided in the terms of the lease, a month to month lease requires 30 days written notice. Strict provisions for eviction must be adhered to in order to properly evict an unwanted tenant. A tenant has contractual & statutory rights pertaining to the propriety of the eviction, the tenant’s personal property & their deposit.

If you are having disputes with a landlord-tenant and need an Indiana attorney who knows the rights of both landlords and tenants, then contact Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law today!

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