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Naturalization & Citizenship Issues

Naturalization is the process by which a foreign citizen obtains her or his citizenship. When a person becomes a U.S. Citizen, he or she obtains all the rights and responsibilities of a natural-born citizen. Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law understands the importance of citizenship and want to help you through your process. He will go that extra mile to explain the entire process to you, review your history to identify potential problems, guide you throughout the process. While many immigration attorneys or agencies just prepare and submit your application, he will evaluate your situation to identify potential issues, and he will make sure all of your questions or concerns are addressed before and throughout the application process.

The naturalization interview itself can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.  There is a lot of evidence gathering and fact-finding involved in these types of applications, and it is important to have an experienced immigration attorney review your situation for possible problems.

The government may seek additional information from you before, during, or after your interview. Information can include evidence of any criminal history you may have, child support issues, or how many times you have left the U.S. while a lawful permanent resident. Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law has helped many clients prepare thorough and comprehensive responses to these types of inquiries.

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