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Even if you carry a handgun legally, laws still govern the possession, use and operation of the weapon.  Steve E. Haddad, Attorney At Law provides legal representation for clients facing guns and weapons offenses.  As U.S citizens, we do have the right to bear arms, but there are limits to this right. You can be barred from owning firearms and other types of weapon are prohibited for all individuals. There are laws regulating how legal weapons are to be carried and used.

If you have been charged with a guns or weapons violation, you need an attorney who combines experience with a comprehensive knowledge of Indiana gun laws. Steve E. Haddad, Attorney at Law represents Lake & Porter County residents who are charged with gun and weapons crimes that include:

Gun & Weapons Charges:

--Possession of a handgun
--Delivery of a handgun
--Pointing a firearm at another person (loaded or unloaded)
--UUW & Aggravated UUW
--Possessing a handgun without a license
--Prohibited sales or transfer of handgun ownership
--Possession of a firearm on school grounds
--Possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon
--Possession of an illegal weapon
--Using false information to obtain a firearm
--Providing a minor or a convicted felon with a firearm

Guns & Weapons Defense

The right defense for your case depends on the circumstances of your case. For example, a lack of evidence linking you to a crime that did actually happen or a lack of evidence to show that a crime occurred at all could be central to your defense strategy. Your defense could also involve your personal rights, such as your right to carry a firearm on your personal property or your right to defend yourself against an actual or perceived threat.


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